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A great conversation starter, and apportunity to share Life, and Truth.

Beautiful and high quality finish, and shine, with a very secure clip.

You will be able to sport this out to your favorite event, and it looks

striking on a suit, shirt or your hat for the day.  It has the words in Afrikaans as well, "Ek's 'n Christen, en 'n visser van mense."  Afrikaans is one of the youngest and fastest growing languages in the world, continually new words added.  Mainly spoken in South Afrika, and was birthed from the Dutch landing in the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 with Jan Van Riebeeck, and the French Huguenotes, a touch of German, and you have a beautiful new language, shaped in Culture.

"Hooked on JESUS! I am a Christian and a fisher of men."

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