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"Every man has a God sized hole in his heart!"

Global Leadership -Kingdom Training

Launching Entrepreneurs


Mission Trips - National & Global


Online magazine




Business Growth Coaching





Workshops & Seminars,


Human Trafficking


Street/Community/City outreaches






Online Magazines

Misson Trips - National & Global


Apostolic missions, raising up, and imparting into leaders, and training Entrepreneurs are fulfilling, but the most touching missions of all, the Orphans.

Skilled individuals are ready to go!

  • USA - JC to the street

  • Israel           

  • India

  • South Africa & Africa

  • Philippines 

Digital Magazine

News worthy, and informative, mind, body, spirit.

Fun and informative, bringing to the reader an effective online magazine, that will continue to educate in the areas of the mind, body and spirit. Wellness, Fashion, Culture, Trends, Missions, Music, and so much more from an International Christian Platform.  

Spiritual insight and seeing the Greatness of God. 

Real life stories of God moving in someone's Life.

The ability to influence the 7Mountains where we are placed.

Moving in Nations, changing atmospheres!

Domestic Violence/Abuse/Bullying


Taking hands there are doors we can open for victims to find freedom. Rebuild their lives.

"Breaking the silence, breaking the cycle."  

This is a global concern, and one of my biggest platforms.  
Workplace violence creates unhealthy, unproductive, situations, and effects productivity too. 



Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things

Video Interviews & Documentaries......

Live Interviews with every day people, who inspire us to do more, as they rise above circumstances, step out of dark places, or desire to soar higher than the rest. Those who choose to overcome, and set out to make a difference, bring about change in this world. Inspiration for us to live life differently, and be a part of the the greater picture. I love finding people in most unusual places.  Ordinary people doing what they were equipped to do, Extraordinarily.


People of Passion,


Inspiration to others. 


Human Trafficking

The Reality in our own Backyard!

Human trafficking has become something we are encountering in our own neigborhoods, and communities.  Awareness prevents this from happening to our young men, women and children.  Education is key! Slavery is real!  

Together we can stop it.




An Apostolic Kingdom Movement imparting 

Kingdom Principles, and 

facilitate the Paradigm 

shift, that aligns Individuals with their 

Kingdom Assignments.

We look at the things of influence.

~ Philosophy

~ Value systems

~ Language systems

It creates a life with Revelation, and Manifestation of nothing broken, nothing left out, and everything complete.

It demonstrates a limitless Life!

Shalom - Wholeness!



But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Matthew 19:26

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