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Enjoy the humorous tales of Mr. B - an ageing family friend, who tells stories with great Value and Humor, for young and old.  


"B" or "Boesman", was not the normal four legged friend.  He had the innate nature of the African Bushman.  Not only did he live to the ripe age of 18 dog years, but he was fortunate to travel all over the United States of America.  Sailed on International waters, lived in Alaska for 2 years, and traveled through Canada during the brutal winter for 9 days, on the journey back to the States.  


Mr. B, as he was also known, forged friendships from all over the World.  He had no idea of his less than lionhearted statue.  Ready to take on bears, and any threat that might arise.  Always the great protector, and most valuable friend.


Establish valuable Family Values, whilst being creative and having great fun!  Not your normal story book!  


The accompanying workbook walks the family through their own unique Family Foundation, and establishes thinking patterns, that will continue to be most meaningful, and in time to come.  Family Activity!    Building the Family Tree!  Desirable CURRICULUM for Homeschoolers.  


The FIRST Book in a Series to come!  Each will continue to build on the next.  Stream it to your Big Screen in the Family room, and start the FUN!  

"The GOLDEN RULE!"   Discover what it means.  Discussion Time!

Mr. B & ME Digital Book Also purchase the Workbook

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  • Enjoy Family Time whilst building the Family Foundation, exploring the many adventures of MR B as he talks about the 'B Attitudes' and the Value of pursuing The GOLDEN RULE in Life.

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