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It is clear we live in a society of being connected on every level. Through relationships, and through our daily existence. Everything is connected to something. One to another, and each other.

We connect to people, individual, groups. We connect to things. To ideas, and ideologies.

Some come by choice, and some by happenstance, or what some may call coincidental. Well we know better than that, and think sound minded. Everything happens with a reason.

All the more for us to be alerted to the people and situations that might cross our paths.

On a daily basis, when we allow, we move past, or connect with someone, or something so significant, that it can change or alter the path of our existence. We have to be certainly mindful, and alert, and ready to act on such a happening. A divine Connection!

These moments when we realize, and are prepared to ask the questions, who am I to connect to their Destiny Today?

In the same moment, you might be walking through a door of Your divine Connection to Your Destination, come into Alignment with Your Heavenly Assignment!

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