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Let’s talk about Citizenship. We have the privilege in this world to gain citizenship per birth to a Nation and a territory. Often for various reasons, one might migrate, and find yourself in a new place, that becomes home. The due process of qualifying starts, and it could take a lifetime for some to stand one day finally, at the place being sworn in as a new citizen of the land. Just as the procedures, this also comes with much deliberation, and responsibility. Loyalty to a Nation, above all else. What will it take to prove it? Those born into a nationality, do not perceive it ever being a threat to be removed, or not granted access to the treasure. The honor of being a person with rights, and freedoms. The constitution of the United States has made provision for their citizens, to be treated all with equal ability to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Justice for ALL.

The Patriotic cry of citizens creates unity, and a kinsman ship which broadens the unified passion to, shoulder to shoulder march and set the enemy to flight. That is what has made men arise and risk courageously a fight and stand for freedom. Forcing the hand of the enemy to reverse the curse.

Our Citizenship is one of a Cosmic validation. We are given that ability to here in this place, and in this time be appointed to exercise our authority and make a stand for our Government, and Governor, our King, and as commanded let HIS Kingdom come here, on earth as it already has been established in Heaven. His Creation to all the corners of the earth. The North, the South, the East and the West, will cry out of HIS presence, and HIS heart. Our Citizenship certificate signed and sealed, and delivered, redeemed again by the blood of THE' Perfect Lamb.


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